Edison 2016

EDISON, a competition for ideas

The most effective basis for a successful company foundation is a truly extraordinary idea in combination with self-confidence and faith in the idea itself. Such clever ideas were presented during at the Edison awards ceremony. The sought-after inventor award has now been presented for the seventh time.

During the first phase of the competition, ideas are evaluated for their feasibility and potential. During the second phase of the competition, the best ideas in each of the categories is developed to a higher level in collaboration with experts to make the idea ready for implementation as a business strategy.

Coaches prepare the finalists in workshops for negotiations with investors and define implementation strategies with their help.

Creative and economically promising

The motto of the voestalpine Steel Division in the area of sponsoring is "Promoting Young Talent." The Edison award fits beautifully into this mindset, which is why the voestalpine Steel Division this year again is again sponsoring the category called "Creative and Economically Promising Ideas."

Winners in the Creative and Economically Promising category

Natalie Pichler (Linz) won gold for her idea called "mein_raum," a flexible and transportable dressing room that can be used for a variety of different situations.

Or Wolf (Linz) won silver for his idea called "Dande," a travel app. The third prize in this category was awarded to Benjamin Mooslechner (Linz) for MOX Virtual Reality, a tool that can be used for a virtual tour of houses while they are still in the planning phase.