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SCM Switch Condition Monitoring

Switch condition monitoring (SCM) enables operators to reduce switch failures and optimise maintenance processes. Turnout and switch machine failures account for a large proportion of infrastructure related delays and unplanned maintenance.

By using the intelligent switch condition monitoring system (SCM), imminent faults are detected at an early stage before the railway operations are negatively affected. This enables operators to reduce switch failures and optimize maintenance processes. The necessary measures and maintenance work can be initiated promptly, failures can be avoided and maximum availability and performance can be ensured. Performance of switch machines and turnouts is measured at every movement and specialist algorithms are used to warn when normal operating characteristics are exceeded. 

The advantages of the switch condition monitoring system are multifaceted: they provide the operator / maintenance staff with valuable time to prevent costly system failures, reduce maintenance costs, increase track availability and enable predictive maintenance. The resulting greatest possible reduction of downtimes ensures the maximum reliability and punctuality, which promotes passenger satisfaction. Finally yet importantly, the manufacturer can continuously optimize and adjust product quality based on data from the monitoring system.

The switch condition monitoring system offers intelligent data acquisition for both vignole rail and grooved rail applications. Depending on the application and independent of drive and interlocking technologies, various measurement points can be monitored.