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Earth Box

Earth boxes are used for point machines in grooved rail turnouts.

The voestalpine Signaling earth boxes were specially developed for the protection of the UNISTAR CSV 24 and UNISTAR CSV 34 point machines in the grooved rail area. Special designs on customer request possible.

System Features:

  • Hot-dip galvanized standard version
  • High stability, on request designed for load class D400
  • Insulation, according to customer requirements
    • Stray current insulation
    • Rail-to-rail insulation
  • Water pan (optional)
  • Deep version possible
  • Suitable for tracks from 900 mm, on request otherwise also installation next to the track possible
  • Detection possible
  • Standard cable entry of Ø 70 mm


  • Protected against weather and mechanical damage
  • Assuring system‘s availability
  • Separate cover for drainage
  • Position, direction and diameter of the water pipe freely selectable, adapted to the gradient
  • Ideal for UNISTAR CSV 24 and UNISTAR CSV 34