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Alternative Rail Fastening Systems

We can equip our turnouts with a wide variety of rail fastening systems to meet the requirements of our customers for different track superstructures and installation philosophies.

Rail Fastening Systems (exemplary selection):

  • Gauge bars (standard, cranked, insulated)
  • voestalpine ERL-P, System Rheinfeder (RF)
  • Vossloh (W, W-Tram, SKL)
  • Pandrol e-Clip, FastClip, NABLA


Technical description:

  • We use rail fastening systems in our products that are approved according to European and international standards.
  • We supply the right rail fastening systems for:
    • All types of superstructure (ballasted track, slab track)
    • All sleeper types (steel, plastic and concrete),
    • All rail profiles
    • Rigid and elastic support
    • Discrete and continious bedding