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Highest quality

We value the quality of our products and services above all else. And because of this core value, we contribute to a safer and reliable railway infrastructure. Due to the commitment of our product inspectors, we are able to ensure the delivery of products with the highest standard of quality, delivered just-in-time, wherever you need it. We are closely in touch with the production process of our suppliers, which gives us insights into the quality as well as the availability of the products. Our Project Coordinators will cooperate with you on site in order to make the logistics as efficient as possible. This way, we are able to reduce failure costs and can guarantee that your railway project will progress smoothly.

Our products and services meet the necessary requirements for both the Dutch (ProRail) and European laws and regulations. Different specifications and rules provided by ProRail apply to deliveries that are processed within the ProRail infrastructure.

We have the right qualifications and certificates, which will ensure a great collaboration.

Welding techniques quality management systems

ECM Certification

Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSAS)

Quality management system