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Light rail

Worldwide cities are growing. At the same time this transformation has led to a growing demand for urban public transport (UPT), also known as Light rail. Commuter transportation is essential for the development,  accessibility and quality of life. Therefore cities more and more prioritize a better mobility, either with a fast tram and/or an underground subway system.

Third rail system

Today‚Äôs most developed and busiest tram and metro networks require daily renewals and modernization to preserve their infrastructure and keep the network in a stable, safe condition. The replacement of critical spare parts can extend the lifespan of a complete system and lower the total LLC. We offer products such as coated and milled rails, grooved rails, fastening systems, third rail systems, catenary and bufferstops for urban transport companies.  

Lower total cost of ownership

Although infrastructure managers try to minimize downtime of their networks by performing (regular/preventive) maintenance, unpredictable breakdowns or malfunctions still occur. Efficient fault-clearing services can only be carried out when the right spare parts are on stock.  By supporting our customers with spare parts kept on stock we offer the shortest lead time possible and a fast recovery when breakdowns occur. 

Spare part availability

Our goals regarding safety stocks are:

  • To guarantee the availability and right quality of different components in case of a malfunction, during an agreed upon contractual period;
  • Extended logistic possibilities to deliver components in local warehouses and directly at the construction site, either by rail and/or road transport;
  • Controlled stock, by cooperation with a qualified partners we are able to quickly amplify our stock in case of a decrease;
  • Accurate forecast demand analyses to ensure availability of the components, instead of dependency of long lead times that have to be taken into account;
  • Central location for turnout components and a central controlled process;
  • 24/7 availability and accessibility.