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Flash butt welded rails

Flash butt welding: custom made ultra-long rails

The rails are connected by flashbutt welding in the welding plant to reduce construction time on site. With this process the ends are electrically heated, almost to melting point  and are then connected to each other under pressure. A welded rail can be up to 360 metres long. The considerable heat of the welding process causes the rails to deform slightly, which is why they need to be straightened afterwards.  This is carried out very accurately, up to one hundredth of a millimetre. Operator expertise, automatic monitoring and continuous registration guarantee a flawless process. Each weld is provided with a weld registration number that comprises the personal number of the operator. The weld can, therefore, always be traced afterwards.

Rails can be cut to any required length. This is customized work, accurate to the last millimetre! 

Supply Chain Management

Our Rail Service Centre has stocks being available in order to offer short reaction times and the option of just in time deliveries, seven days a week. International rail supply is not always compatible with JIT deliveries directly to the railway construction site – we make this possible. During peak times rolling mills can lack capacity and have long lead times. Emergency stocks offer customers shorter lead times, even in unforeseen situations such as a calamity (urgent damage repairs).