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Buffer Stops

Fixed Rail Termination Systems

The Fixstop is a product for intercepting trains while causing a minimum of damage to the train and the buffer stop itself. This buffer stop is unique because of its extremely robust steal construction containing specialised brake shoes. Several tests have shown that the fixed version can absorb an impact of more than 1,000 kN. This result is achieved by a clever method of determining the dimensions of the buffer stop’s design. 

  • Avoidance of unnecessary high costs due to damages to the train
  • Avoidance of danger for both the train driver and possible passengers
  • High quality product, as demonstrated by train crash tests

The buffer stop is made of tubular steel frame accommodated with middle and side buffers. This design makes it suitable for absorbing the impacts of both passenger and freight trains. Furthermore, its galvanised high quality steel frame that is covered by a two-layer powder coating guarantees an operational life of 40 years.

For more information (brochure, flyer or technical details) please contact our International sales manager.

Dynamic Rail Termination Systems

We are currently in the final phase of the development of the dynamic buffer stop. Information will follow shortly.