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Stray current protection

Railway network operators in both Belgium and the Netherlands, and elsewhere, have experienced years of extreme corrosion on rails at level crossings. Research has shown that this is mainly caused by stray currents. Stray current corrosion has a severe impact on rail quality, which results in an elevated risk of rail breakage. Railpro has developed a protective coating. 

The insulating effect of the coating protects embedded rails at level crossings against the negative consequences of stray currents. The coating bonds with all permitted casting compounds, which eliminates the need for a bonding primer. This reduces the necessity for extra operations before and during installation. Additionally the embedded rail is protected against the use of salt for icy roads and water during the autumn and winter months.  

The exchange of rails in a level crossing or in a tunnel is an expensive and time-consuming operation. Prefabricated installation of coated rails contributes to the quality and durability of the entire level crossing structure. This eliminates unnecessary installation and removal costs.

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