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Wagon Rent

It is possible to hire different kinds of goods wagons from voestalpine Track Solutions Netherlands B.V.

In the table below, you can find the technical specifications of the wagons.

  Fccpps Fas Klmos Kls Uaas SALT

2384 643


3380 680


4384 342

8xxx-x en

4384 342


2384 336




loading capacity 28,2 ton 53 ton 24 ton 27,0 ton 60 ton 28 ton
weight 11,0 ton 27 ton 12,5 ton 12,2 ton 35 ton 11 ton
content 22m3 31m3        
length over buffers 9,64m 12,54 11,74m 13,86m 31,74m 9,64m
length of loading floor    


12,5m 30m  
width of loading floor     2,83m 2,77m 2,60m  
hieght over end stanchions            
height of sides/ends     0,65m 0,45m    



The Fccpps is user-friendly chute wagon suitable for the supply of all types of coarse ballast material. It can unload ballast outside and inside the track without damaging the rails. The chute is dressed with a rubber mat which reduces sounds for the maintenance workers and the surrounding area. With minimum workforce, because of a smooth handle that shuts effortlessly, the user can control the amount of ballast released in the track up to 28,2 tons. The maximum transport density over buffers is 2,93 ton per meter.

On the operating platform, situated at approx. 2 meters of the chutes, two operators can simultaneously unload the ballast on both side of track.  An operator manual is available.

The wagons are RIV certified.



voestalpine Track Solutions Netherlands B.V. has developed an innovative dust suppressing ballast train which effectively minimizes workers exposure to hazardous ballast dust. The train is comprised of 36 wagons divided into nine sets of four. Each wagon is fitted with a hydraulic unloading and high-pressure water spraying system which suppresses dust particles with a water mist sprayed over the ballast as it leaves the wagon. Each set of four wagons has its own operating computer, lighting, remote control, water reservoir and power pack (diesel engine, electro-hydraulic motor and high pressure pump). Operation is by remote control which makes unloading simple and practically effortless. The operator does not have to step on and off the wagon at any time, reducing the danger of tripping or falling onto the adjacent track. The wagons unload the ballast, without damaging the rails via a shutter with less effort and more accuracy. The Railpro dust suppression system significantly improves the working conditions for rail track maintenance workers by eliminating the problems associated with inhaling ballast dust.


This wagon is suitable for ballast material and sand (possibly in large amounts) that has to be emptied (quickly) next to its own track.

  • the wagon empties approx. eight times faster then ‘normal’ flat wagons;
  • after releasing, the wagon is immediately clean;
  • you don’t need a crane;
  • the required air pressure can be obtained from the train locomotive or a compressor. The train locomotive needs to be provided with a main air reservoir circuit. You can hire the compressor from Railpro.


This wagon is suitable for sand and new and old ballast.

  • this wagon is provided with a steel floor and fixed sides, making it a very solid wagon;
  • this wagon is provided with drop-down ends, so cranes can drive the complete length of the train;
  • this wagon can be used in nearly all of Europe.


This wagon can transport various products and goods. 

  • this wagon is provided with a wooden floor;
  • this wagon is provided with drop-down sides;
  • this wagon is provided with drop-down ends, it is possible to drive a crane from wagon to wagon;
  • this wagon can be used in nearly all of Europe (RIV-compliant);
  • the drop sides are reinforced by short stanchions. These don’t impede the loading and unloading with cranes because they don’t extend beyond the sides.


This wagon is especially suitable for transport of track sections with a maximum length of 30 meters, two packages of two times 40 NS90 sleepers (160 p). Furthermore this type is suitable for very long loads, like box girders for overhead wire.