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Measures Coronavirus

Since the outbreak of the Coronavirus, our mother organization voestalpine AG assembled a crisis management team who closely monitors the developments. The management team in the Netherlands meets on a regular basis in order to follow the situation in the Netherlands and take possible measures. We follow the advice from the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) as well as from our mother organization voestalpine. We are also in contact with important business partners in order to analyze whether or not possible consequences following the outbreak will be noticeable.

Our primary goal is to secure the health of our own employees and to make sure that they can continue to work in a safe environment. In addition, we strive to ensure the continuity of our business processes. We have taken preventive measures aimed at these objectives.

  • Naturally, the same hygiene measures apply at our business locations as those advised by the RIVM.

  • (Business) travels of our employees is only allowed to countries with a yellow or green travel advice and is limited to trips that are strictly necessary and with the permission of the management. Local applicable measures must be followed.

  • Reception of external guests is kept to a minimum and is only allowed when strictly necessary.

  • Suppliers from abroad will be welcomed with extra caution.

  • All visitors to our premises need to fill in a form prior to the visit. You can download the form in your preferred language below.

  • Meetings will be put to a minimum and will only take place if absolutely necessary with a maximum of 4 persons, when mutual distance of 1.5 meters can be guaranteed. We advise to make use of the IT means such as WebEx and Video conference.

  • All employees who are not directly involved in the operational processes are instructed to work from home.

  • Our purchasing department is currently investigating whether or not any problems are to be expected within the supply chain with planned deliveries as well as an increase in delivery time which can result in problems at a later stage.

  • Within the production departments, agreements have been made about how production processes can be maintained, in the event of employee loss.

  • During the coming period, we are committed – despite the developments – to be able to meet all our deliveries. If there are any bottlenecks in the delivery process, our sales staff will contact you to find a solution.

We closely monitor the situation on a daily bases. Any new measures will be announced by our management team on this page.