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Coated Rails

Anti-corrosion coating

Corrosive rail environments such as coastal tracks, wet tunnels, level crossings and stray current conditions require coated rails to ensure maximum rail life. voestalpine Track Solutions Netherlands B.V. offers durable coated rail solutions appropriated to these conditions by applying different waterproof and insulated coatings to all types of flat bottom rails. With a service life expectancy of 20 years, coated rails provide an excellent method of preventing corrosion.

  • minimum wear, thus longer durability
  • lower life cycle costs and prevents unnecessary maintenance
  • optimal adhesion in level crossings
  • a better structure of embedded rails
  • UV and chemical resistance
  • a solution against corrosion

Level crossings and stray current leakage

When used in level crossings, adhesion of the coating is important for the quality and durability of the embedded rails. Rail sections are treated prior to coating, ensuring an optimal surface for adhesion. Coatings are then applied under controlled conditions. The coating bonds with all permitted casting compounds, which eliminates the need for a bonding primer.

Rails subjected to stray current leakage, can be protected with a special insulating rubber coating.

UV and chemical resistance

The rubber coating is not sensitive to the adhesion of dirt, iron grindings and/or copper particles, which means that good protection is provided, e.g. for our newest generation insulated rail joints. This coating is also expandable and it is UV and chemical resistant, which makes it ideal for industrial and port areas and for transportation by sea.

All coatings are tested (on layer thickness) and are recorded. The performance of corrosion protection on Railpro coated rails has been demonstrated in both laboratory tests and track tests with ProRail, Infrabel and Eurotunnel, and there is clear proof that it delivers lower life cycle costs, avoids unpredictable malfunctions and reduces unscheduled maintenance.

Prefabricated coated rail sections are available from stock in standard lengths. By using flashbutt welding, every desired length can be delivered up to a maximum of 360 meters. The application is also available for grooved rails.

For more information (brochure, flyer or technical details) please contact our International sales manager.