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Grooved rail on stock

The Rail Service Centre delivers rails to the highest quality standards for new railway structures, renovation and maintenance. Machining operations such as milling, welding, straightening, cutting and coating are performed by certified employees.

The welding plant is laid-out to produce ultra-long rails up to 360 meters.

Premises of approximately 175.000 square meters, with own tracks, loading and unloading platforms and rail connection

  • Storage capacity up to 40.000 tons, handled with synchronized cranes
  • Certified welding plant for rail types such as 46E1 (S49), 54E1 (UIC54), 60E1 (UIC60)
  • Certified for rail grades such as 260, 260mn, 350HT, 400HT

On request, we can also provide drill holes, for mounting coupling plates or for electrical connections.

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