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NRG joint

The vulnerability of IRJs to wear and tear has for many years been one of the major causes of malfunction of the railway infrastructure. This is why our newest insulated rail joint had to comply with a huge number of requirements. These issues have been successfully tackled, which has resulted in a high-performance product that will dramatically reduce the problems of malfunction. A completely refurbished design and the development of various new elements have resulted in a model with a remarkable lifespan. In addition, the new glued insulated rail joint is able to absorb the wave motions of the rail ensuing from the driving dynamics of the train. It moves, so to speak, in the same way as the rail, a property which has formed the basis for our new product’s name: eNeRGy joint.

Our high-performance NRG joint is the optimum tool for electrically separating of the track into sections. This implies that interruption of train movements is no longer an issue. Trains can move safely and comfortably along the track, and the longer service life of the joints largely prevents unexpected malfunctions.