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Allround supplier of rail infrastructure products

voestalpine Track Solutions Netherlands B.V. is a supplier of all kinds of railway materials.  For newly built, renovation and maintenance of Dutch railway network. We supply rail infrastructure products such rails, sleepers, ballast, fastenings systems, level crossings, electrical components and more. We do this in the Netherlands and abroad. We currently have a product range which consists of 15000 separate items. The majority off which is in stock, located at our operating headquarters in Hilversum, The Netherlands.

Due to the size of our own wagon fleet and logistics service centre, we are able to deliver these products with a just in time delivery service to any desired location. In order to minimize disruptions in any work process, we can deliver directly to the railway construction worksite.

Essential railway products on stock

Today’s most developed and busiest rail networks require daily renewals and modernization to preserve their infrastructure and ensure the network to remain stable and safe. Replacement of components/assets is often part of these (large) renewal programs and is a fixed element of regular and preventive maintenance. Therefore, the supply of spare parts is inseparably linked to the sale of the original components.

The supply of spare parts is becoming increasingly important. The growing market competition, legislative changes during the lifespan of the original railway components, the shift of clients to buying these components in emerging markets and the growing differentiation of customer requirements are but a few a reasons. The replacement of critical spare parts can extend the lifespan of a complete system and lower the total LLC.

We identify, register and standardize all certified and approved products in a large database/ large databases. We determine the need by forecasting the demand. We then start the procurement.  Production planning is agreed upon by the parties involved and scheduled with suppliers to ensure 100% product availability. Products are increasingly prepared, pre-assembled ‘ready for installation’. This reduces investments and manning needs by clients and speeds up task completion on site.