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We supply large volumes of rails, ballast and sleepers to newly-built and renewal projects. At the same time we supply small amounts of crucial maintenance service parts to local warehouses of railway contractors. We vow that all customers always receive the right railway components. From the correct amounts to the quality; always delivered to the right location in a punctual manner.

One stop shop for railway components

As One-Stop-Shop provider we offer all railway related products customers receives maximum benefit in terms of choice and quality because they do not need to buy from numerous suppliers considering there is only one contact point. Buying from a single expert supplier ensures that all railway components are compatible. This ensures a reliable and safe system/network.

Essential railway products on stock

Today’s most developed and busiest rail networks require daily renewals and modernization to preserve their infrastructure and ensure the network to remain stable and safe. Replacement of components/assets is often part of these (large) renewal programs and is a fixed element of regular and preventive maintenance. Therefore, the supply of (critical) spare parts is not only inseparably linked to the sale of the original components but can also extend the lifespan of a complete system and lower the total LLC.

We identify, register and standardize all certified and approved products in a large database. We determine the need by forecasting the demand. We then start the procurement.  Production planning is agreed upon by the parties involved and scheduled with suppliers to ensure 100% product availability. Products are increasingly prepared, pre-assembled ‘ready for installation’. This reduces investments and manning needs by clients and speeds up task completion on site.

Railway spare parts

The availability of spare parts is one of the most important factors for a quick and efficient fault clearance and for short-term, planned maintenance. Containing a safety stock of critical spare parts in a cost efficient way is a specialists field. Most clients encounter problems by having too much stock of one component, and too little of the other. In addition, lots of spare parts are prone to becoming obsolete due to expiry dates, or poor storage conditions. Other legacy infrastructure products have a high risk of becoming obsolete and are more difficult to come by when materials need replacing.

Continuous registration of all product specifications

All required products will be specified and monitored in a central SAP database, enabling fast and efficient re-supply. In addition, historical data is gathered and analysed to obtain an insight into the performance and use of individual components.

Smart warehouse systems

All warehouses are setup by following proven concepts and are managed for the customer. By using smart barcoding and electronic ordering processes, mechanics can go in and retrieve the needed spare parts without wasting time registering or slowing down the speed of service. 

Barcode tracking & trace and/or RFID chips

By adding RFIDs to spare parts, tracking & tracing in track becomes possible. By linking the individual component to the client’s asset register, product life and maintenance information are linked.