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Repair System for IRJ end post

For many years insulated rail joints have been found to be a cause of malfunctions in the rail infrastructure. Internal research has also shown that all of the installed insulated rail joints require maintenance to retain optimal quality. Maintenance prevents unnecessary malfunctioning of insulated rail joints, thereby ensuring safety as well as availability of the rail network. And because maintenance considerably postpones the early replacement of the joint, unnecessary costs are saved.

Railpro has responded to this problem which the maintenance market has been facing. We have been developing products for the repair of damage to all types of insulated rail joints, quickly and cost-effectively. Defects are often caused by a lipping, partly missing or damaged end post. The end post is the plastic isolation or profile plate between the rails. Essential for the well-functioning of the insulated rail joint.

End post enhancement

Repairs can be carried out with a maximum duration of 20 minutes. Depending on the local regulations concerning entering track during regular timetables, it is feasible (in accordance with these rules) to carry out enhancements without track possession. The train can run almost immediately over the repaired joint again. It also provides a permanent solution, which significantly increases the service life of insulated rail joint.