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Anti-trespass Panel

To discourage trespassers, hikers, thieves, and other uninvited guests from entering or walking alongside the railway track, voestalpine Track Solutions Netherlands B.V. developed the PRISMA anti-trespass panel.

The PRISMA anti-trespass panel is the perfect solution to disturbance caused by people or animals that – either consciously or unconsciously – enter the railway track. The higher spikes make it very difficult for trespassers to cross the tracks, thereby discouraging entrance to a maximum.

The PRISMA anti-trespass panel is available in two complementary versions. The first version, the OnTrack panel (product code: 499001) is located between and directly adjacent to the rails, because it remains outside the structure gauge. The second version, the OffTrack panel (product code: 490651) is a higher version than the OnTrack panel and is used mainly at a farther distance from the railway. This second version specifically applied at locations where the railway area can be entered easily, for example at platform areas.

Due to their smart and light design, both models are easy to install manually and without the necessity of machines. These panels are made of recycled tires, which make them a sustainable product. Other advantages are:

»  installed without machinery
»  it has a well manageable design
»  lightweight 40KG and 44KG
»  maintenance free
»  it has a long lifespan of +/- 25 years
»  100% recycled material and reusable after end of service life
»  resistant to external influences such as extreme cold, heat, chemicals, and UV

Anti-Trespass Panel OnTrack

The heights of the spikes of the OnTrack PRISMA anti-trespass panel are 100 and 150 millimetres, alternating in terms of height, length, and width. Through the panel’s specific height, the spikes remain outside the structure gauge used by passing trains. This makes the panel perfectly suitable for application in and directly around the railway track.

Anti-trespass Panel OffTrack

As an addition to the OnTrack anti-trespass panel, the OffTrack panel is developed. This panel is a higher version of its lower counterpart, and designed for locations just outside the railway track. Having the same size in length and width as the OnTrack panel, both versions are complementary and can seamlessly be attached to one another via a modular connection. The difference between the two panels is the height of the spikes, which are 100 and 150 millimetres high for the OnTrack panel, and 150 and 300 millimetres for the OffTrack panel. The latter heights makes it virtually impossible for trespassers to enter the location. As the name suggests, this variant is not used between the rails, but indeed off track or outside this area. Think of places nearby fences and at platforms to withhold people or animals to enter the railway.

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