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One way travel: the railroad track is no hiking path

29 November 2018 | 

Our completely renewed anti-trespass – also called the ‘PRISMA panel’ – has been officially certified and is available in our webshop as from now! Anti-trespass panels are placed at spots where it is still too easy for travellers, trespassers, and those with suicidal tendencies to enter the railroad tracks. Based on the feedback we derived from our clients, we have further improved the mats. And the result is fantastic.

The PRISMA panel deters railroad trespassers

Seven deaths in Belgium each year and in the Netherlands no less than 3.5 hours of delay every day caused by trespassers. A good reason for ProRail to enclose the railroad track with 600 kilometres of fencing and to consider the installation of an anti-trespass provision. These measures are meant to make it difficult for trespassers to enter the railroad track. This is because walking on the foam rubber mats with rubber spikes is very awkward.

Lighter and easy to clean

The PRISMA panel is made of old rubber tires and now only weighs 42 kg. This is a significant improvement compared to the former model, since the new version can be placed without heavy machinery. Furthermore, the 32 alternating spikes of the mat, which is positioned the walking line of the rail, have a much smoother structure. It is therefore considerably easier to clean the mat.

Installation is included in maintenance of level crossings and fence structures

Railpro’s renewed anti-trespass device to avoid rail trespassers in accordance with SPC00287-V002

The PRISMA panels are placed at the same time as the renewal of level crossings and fence structures. And owing to the mat’s lighter weight, the execution of these activities is much easier. Moreover, the dimensions of our innovated mat are one-size-fits-all, while through its alternated edges it falls perfectly in place next to the adjacent mat during installation. Next, the new mat does no longer cover the fastening systems, keeping these accessible for maintenance.

As from today, the renewed anti-trespass has been officially certified in accordance with SPC00287-V002. It can be ordered in our webshop.

Also functional outside the rail infrastructure network

Its easy installation and its effectiveness make the PRISMA panel suitable in practically any situation where pedestrians have to be rerouted. Think, for example, of the streams of visitors at a festival area.

Sustainable PRISMA panel in the fight against train delays

Every day, railway trespassers cause a great deal of disturbance on the railroads. For many different reasons, people choose to walk alongside the rail track. For example, when walking their dog, to take a shorter route, or if they have suicidal intentions. If a train driver sees a trespasser, he/she is forced to brake heavily. And also the train traffic that comes next has to decrease its speed until the situation is safe again. Due to the delays caused by these speed reductions, people arrive too late at their destinations. After calculations, ProRail has established that “almost 30% of all train delays of about three and a half hours a day is caused by people who walk unauthorised on and alongside the railroad”.

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