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Manganese steel point frogs: explosively the best!

16 December 2019 | 

Is the manganese steel frog the solution for the protection of turnouts? Since October 1st, 2018, when ProRail prescribed this version of the steel frog in its regulations for heavily loaded track, it has met all expectations.

It has clearly been demonstrated that this innovative component prolongs the lifespan of the turnouts and diminishes the number of malfunctions caused by breakage or other defects. In addition, it requires considerably less maintenance. Curious about how this has been pulled off?

The production process of a manganese steel point frog is characterized by craftsmanship. Scientific know-how is combined with technical expertise and the highly specialized knowledge of professionals. Moreover, the completion of the production process is a true fireworks show. Using a method called explosive shock hardening, the frog is even further solidified. In this way, the product is given all the toughness it needs to function effectively in high frequency railway systems.

Successful Seminar

During the breakfast seminar ‘Modern Turnout Technology’ on November 19, dr. Ivan Shevtsov of ProRail explained the advantages of manganese steel frogs. Furthermore, Peter Liesens from JEZ gave an interesting look behind the scenes of the frogs’ production process. A process executed by his team with the utmost care and thoroughness. The last speaker, Andrew van Eck of BAM RAIL, discussed the practical experiences with the frogs in terms of general malfunctions and maintenance within track.

The large number of visitors to the seminar showed the degree of interest in this topic within the railway sector. Once again, our guests had ample opportunity to share knowledge and exchange experiences. We are already looking forward to the next breakfast seminar on digitalization, which will take place on 22 January, 2020.

If you have any other questions about Modern Turnout Technology, do not hesitate to contact Daniël Poll Jonker or Sjors van de Vecht.