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Connecting the world of rail

Not long before the Railway Interchange fair in Minneapolis was going to take place, we learned that the American railway network also has issues with defective rail joints. A direct need for a solution to this problem in the North American market brought Nortrak and Railpro closer together. Why? Because our repair system offers a remedy for these malfunctions and has already successfully been used in the Netherlands.

We used the Railway Interchange to present another new product to the market. For launching our NRG-joint, we were given a prominent spot, and a lot of interest was generated. During the various chats and discussions with our foreign colleagues, it was again confirmed that American network administrators have the same problems as their European counterparts.

Nortrak: leading manufacturer & supplier

voestalpine Railway Systems Nortrak is North America’s leading manufacturer and supplier of track work and related materials. It is specialised in the design and manufacture of all components associated with track work, and is aiming at becoming a full system provider. And that is where we come in. Not only with our products but also with our expertise.

Although historically the company has always focussed on track work, it is currently in the process of expanding its product and service portfolio. Its R&D-department in Birmingham in the state of Alabama is actively working on new innovations. Nortrak has in total 10 locations, with 9 production units spread all over North America. Nortrak has a great deal of technical knowhow, and it maintains close relations with its customers. As a result, it can deliver products specifically tailored to its customers’ wishes.

Railway Interchange: big, bigger, biggest

Railway Interchange is the largest railway exhibition of North America. Nortrak is known for its big shows and presentations, and it did not disappoint this time. Two turnouts(scale models of course) constructed with Nortrak’s own 3D-printers were gloriously displayed in the middle of the fair booth. Railpro was represented by our export manager Dominique Martens. The very pleasant cooperation and preparation in the run-up to the fair has led to a beautiful result.

In the meantime, several American network administrators had performed tests, while our repair system is already being used on a large scale throughout the Amtrak (National Railroad Passenger Corporation) network. We are fully confident that many organisations will follow and we look forward to fruitful collaborations with them.

Would you like more information on the newest generation of IRJs or do you have questions? Please contact our international sales department. It is our pleasure to discuss with you all the options.

Nortrak 3D printed scale model turnout