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Coating production line re-opened: 360 meters of coated rails

8 September 2021 | 

Our renewed coating production line is officially open for business! The world’s longest coated rails can now be produced in Hilversum, the Netherlands. Rail rolling lengths of 120 meters are coated and then connected by two flash butt welds of up to a maximum of 360 meters. The coating line has been completely upgraded for durable operation and improved adhesion. The relocation and its upgrade was a complex project, which included adjusting the hoisting height of our gantry cranes and taking up part of the cable park. Luckily we could count on the patience of our valued customers and tireless efforts of our colleagues. The patience has been rewarded and we are now producing at full speed:

Rubbercoat®: first line of defense against corrosive environments

UV radiation, rain, snow, hail. Along coastlines with salted water or in wet environments such as tunnels. The Rubbercoat®  can withstand some of the harshest corrosive environments. We have over a decade of experience in this field. And just like us, this technique is always moving forward. With our upgraded line, numerous enhancements have been made, such as special heating elements as well as the blasting process. This led to an incredible improved adhesion of the coating. Previously, we managed to measure values of 8,5 - 9,5 N/mm2 in our laboratory. Whereas now, we measure values of 14 N/mm2. A huge improvement of the adhesion and an even better protection of the rails, considering that according to ProRail, the adhesion of the coating must be at least 5 N/mm2. The Rubbercoat® offers a typical life extension of five to ten times.

Did you know?

We are able to coat different profiles in lengths up to 360m. In addition, delivering rails longer than 120 meters directly to the work site not only accelerates installation, it also reduces the number of welds in track, known as potential weak spots. Our coating has an insulating effect and not only protects against weather influences, it also protects against stray currents at level crossings. Logistics solutions are available and safe welding in the track is possible. In the event of the coating being accidentally welded, no toxic fumes are released. However, to avoid entrapment of the coating in a thermite weld, the coating must be completely removed prior to the welding process. For the after treatment of thermite welds and recovery of small damages, we sell an easy to use recovery kit.

Do you want to prevent the risk of broken rail and unforeseen out of service tracks and are you looking for a corrosion-resistant solution? Get in touch with Nynke Schaap.