alphas® innovation for the commercial vehicle industry

The challenge of cost efficiency

Light-weight design, safety, functional integration and a variety of shapes are the current challenges in the commercial vehicle industry. More than ever before, the topic of cost efficiency is of utmost importance. Commercial vehicles must be lighter in order to meet the demands of the market.

The higher the useful load of a truck or trailer, the more economically efficient it becomes. With alphas®, voestalpine Anarbeitung GmbH has found the best solution for such a complex issue.

alphas® is the answer

alphas® provides the answer to the question: How can complex components become lighter, safer and more cost-efficient in all shapes and designs for the commercial vehicle industry?

The answer lies in an innovative, tempered forming technology for high-strength and ultra-high-strength hot-rolled steels with yield strengths up to 900 MPa and thicknesses ranging from 3 to 15 mm.

The components are formed at a temperature of 600 to 700 °C, which substantially reduces the amount of required forming force. The advantages of both cold and hot forming are exploited to the same degree, thus compensating for the disadvantages of the two technologies.

Technical leadership and benefits for our customers

With multiple benefits for our customers: alphas® uses special tools with integrated functions. This makes it possible to manufacture the most complex component geometries and punched holes while at the same time simplifying the placement of logos and preparation of weld joints. Wall thicknesses and weights can be reduced without compromising safety and toughness. For example, the truck crossmembers that once consisted of five individual components can be supplied in one light-weight piece.

voestalpine Anarbeitung GmbH is one step ahead in the technological development of alphas®. This technical leadership is being consistently expanded in order to keep our customers in competitive positions. alphas® will be the state of the art in a few years, and customers who bank on the benefits of alphas® today will be at a far greater advantage in the commercial vehicle industry in the future.