Welding becomes smart

With combined expertise

Welding experts from Research and Development (voestalpine Stahl GmbH), employees from the product management and segment marketing department (voestalpine Stahl GmbH) and specialists from voestalpine Böhler Welding developed a welding calculation app together with external experts from moweex, an agency in Linz.

Perfect welding solution at your fingertips 

Customers, especially customers in the Mechanical Engineering segment, benefit from this digital assistance. The voestalpine Welding Calculator app provides effective support in the planning and optimization of your welding activities. The app provides you with all the answers pertaining to the welding process and concrete production parameters. The advantages of our products are clear for everyone to see, which strengthens the position of the alform®, durostat® and alform® welding systems in the mechanical engineering segment. The app has proven to be highly effective in welding tests conducted in the laboratory as well as during the processing of samples in our customers' facilities. Welding technicians in training will also soon benefit from this technological development.

The optimal weld seam at a click of the app

Welding is complex, but a new technology makes it easy. Complicated calculations have always been necessary in addition to extensive knowledge of welding techniques and a deep understanding of the materials. The voestalpine Welding Calculator app now performs these complex and time-consuming calculations for you and features the following three calculation modules:
  • t8/5 cooling rate: Checks whether the selected welding parameters lie within the processing range recommended by us or whether there is a need for optimization.
  • Preheating temperature: Calculates whether the material must be brought to a given temperature before welding so that no cracking occurs.
  • Computation of quantities: Calculation of welding consumable quantity required for the weld seam. 

Download the voestalpine Welding Calculator app on your smart phone, tablet or laptop, and let the app calculate your next welding project in just a few steps, simply and efficiently. The app is available for Android in the Google Play Store and for iOS in the App Store.