Touch it without leaving a fingerprint!

Many consumers are familiar with the old problem: You remove the packaging from your newly delivered dishwasher and ask yourself if it hasn't already been used because the surface is covered with ugly fingerprints. This was almost unavoidable in the past. The high number of work steps in production and packaging made it impossible—in spite of high levels of automation—to avoid touching the surface of the product with human hands, and of course it was inevitable that fingerprints were left on the high-gloss surface of the steel. A new product named multiface® was developed by voestalpine as an anti-fingerprint coating that prevents any smears and smudges on an otherwise glossy surface. The new product provides a number of benefits for our customers. In addition to its smearless surface, the coating also features excellent corrosion protection and very good forming properties without the need for any additional lubricants. This makes it possible for our customers to eliminate up to three process steps, thus reducing processing costs. The excellent properties of multiface®-coated steel strip make it very suitable for many applications, especially in the household appliance and construction industries (dishwashers, laundry driers, switch cabinets, ventilations systems, etc.), but also in other industrial sectors.