The search for the best continues

Not only the production facility is growing in Texas, but the number of employees as well. The state of Texas is interested in the development of the operations and has generously subsidized the training program for the employees of Texas LLC.

Roughly 192,000 dollars (or 176,000 euros) have been granted by the Texas Workforce Commission for the training program sponsored by voestalpine Texas LLC and Del Mar College. Approximately 130 employees from the region are being intensively trained with funds from the subsidy in the fields of material management, process engineering and maintenance.

The close cooperation of voestalpine with schools, technical institutions and universities has long been a profitable way of discovering good talent early on and soliciting skilled labor. The college education being afforded to the beneficiaries of the scholarships in Texas follows the tradition at voestalpine of ensuring that the required skills are ingrained in the workforce.