The rescue professionals

The voestalpine Red Cross is one of the best in all of Linz. All 17 qualified paramedics are employees of voestalpine Standort Service GmbH and have received the highest possible training in emergency paramedic services. This qualifies them to obtain venous access for infusions and to administer a number of different medications such as adrenalin.

What makes the rescue personnel particularly qualified is their excellent knowledge of the premises and conditions of the voestalpine production facilities.

They are in a position to provide quick and highly effective paramedic assistance in the event of an emergency. This has made it possible many times in the past to limit more serious injury to life and limb.

The modern equipment used by the paramedics at voestalpine is also unsurpassed at the Red Cross. Things that other ambulance services outside the works are just now getting to know have been standard at voestalpine out of necessity, for example gas detectors that determine if it is safe for persons to enter an area with high gas concentrations.

In the area of paramedic services, voestalpine is once again one step ahead.