The best young researchers have been rewarded

The 148 best upcoming physicists from the 4th Classes from 35 different secondary schools from all of Upper Austria have their knowledge of physics tested at the Mini Physics Olympics.

The mathematics problems to be solved were challenging to the participants, who had to complete their answers within the two-hour period.

Tired from heavy concentration, the Olympics participants afterwards had the opportunity to enjoy a fine meal. Two digital Carrera racetracks were set up so the youth had some play time before the awards ceremony began.

This afforded the young people some time to engage in some hot racing action. The fastest drivers won a racetrack. Nicolas Jungwirth took first place.

At 2:00 o'clock p.m., the young enthusiasts went back into the event room. The Olympic winners were announced.

  • 1st place: Mario Hofer
  • 2nd place: Georg Peterseil
  • 3rd place: Katharina Bogner



Investment in the future

Member of the Management Board Alfred Düsing says why voestalpine puts forth so much effort: "Our division needs researchers and technical specialists who have received excellent training. We want to foster enthusiasm for the natural sciences in people when they are still young. The Mini Physics Olympics is a wonderful way of preparing young talent for possible occupations and to show them what a great company we have."

The objective of the natural sciences program is to increase the number of university students in technical and scientific fields by 40%. If voestalpine can create a large pool of talented, well trained and dedicated young talent for the future, the leadership of the company in innovation and quality will be secured for years to come.