State-of-the-art technology under a rough surface

Newly overhauled Blast Furnace A is equipped with every modern technical improvement. The implemented technologies include 3D radar to determine optimum raw material distribution or automated temperature measurement inside the blast furnace. Special simulation software was used to plan the relining activities, which digitally simulated all the production systems and process scenarios. The simulation tool is now being used in ongoing operation of the blast furnace.

Prepared for the future

The largest of the hot-iron production facilities at voestalpine, Blast Furnace A successfully resumed operation in September of 2018 after a mere 111 days of extensive modernization activities. Approximately two thirds of the total annual hot metal output of five million tons in Linz is produced in this blast furnace. Around 160 employees on the voestalpine core team worked on the preparation and implementation of this major project, while a total of 1000 workers were employed at the construction site.

With a total cost of approximately 180 million euros, the refractory brick was completely replaced during the course of the relining activities. At the same time, all other operating facilities associated with the blast furnace—blast heating, gas supply and dedusting systems—were completely modernized. A great deal of effort was also put into the installation of new digital measurement and control instrumentation.

The general relining and overhaul activities have made the giant blast furnace in Linz, which is visible from quite a distance, more than ready for a new digital age.