Offices and works production facilities open to 1000 workers

A summer internship is a good way to earn some extra cash as well as a good possibility of gaining valuable experience. The available summer jobs in the area of steelmaking provide a valuable taste of the working world at voestalpine and range from helping out at the blast furnace, where hot metal is produced, to shipping finished steel products to customers. It is an enriching experience to get to know how the strings are pulled in the background at a company of this size.

In order to guarantee continuous further development of the process, the voestalpine Steel Division is very interested in obtaining valuable feedback from the summer workers. This is the reason that an online survey was created this year to get an idea of how the working students and summer interns felt about the time they spent at our company. It is especially pleasing that 90% of those who took the survey mentioned the way they were treated in a friendly manner by the full-time employees, and that the working atmosphere was very positive.

The comments gathered from the survey taken by the pupils and students showed that a large portion of them are interested in coming back next summer. Many of them even indicated that they could imagine becoming a staff member at voestalpine following their educational endeavors.