Light-weight design in mass production!

High-strength steels in make-to-stock production

It was once believed: The harder the steel, the harder it is to form. Thanks to high-strength steels such as ahss high-ductility, we at voestalpine have proven just the opposite. It has also often been said that high quality cannot be produced in mass volumes. That has also been proven wrong. A comprehensive modernization of Hot-dip Galvanizing Line 4 has made it possible to mass produce steels of more than 1000 MPa in repetitive manufacturing. The ever increasing demand in the automotive industry for these high-end light-weight steels can now be securely and economically met.

We are a technological pioneer in the field of ahss high-ductility steels, and our newly revamped production facility will secure our future in this market segment.
Peter Heinzl, Head of Sales, Automotive Industry
Fit for the future: Hot-dip Galvanizing Line 4 of voestalpine

A class of its own.

The ahss high-ductility steels developed by voestalpine combine high strength with excellent cold formability in a remarkable way. A new standard has also been set in the relationship between deep drawing properties and high resistance to edge cracking. The good welding properties need no special mention. The property profile of these steels can be recommended as the optimum solution to complex crash components. As market analyses show, these advantages will increase demand significantly in the next few years.

ahss high-ductility: Best forming properties for complex high-strength components

Into the future in 12 days! 

The steels will be produced in Hot-dip Galvanizing Line 4 in the Linz plant. A modernization of the line has made it more than fit for the future. Revamp activities included the installation of a new induction coil and four new cooling units. The automation and visual display systems were also modernized for the line operators. Up to 80 specialists were involved in the modernization activities. 20 days of downtime were planned for the modernization, but the project was completed in only 12 days, eight days ahead of schedule.

The newly modernized line will reliably meet the increasing demand for hot-dip galvanized ahss high-ductility steels, and customers in the automotive industry will profit from the secured reliability of these high-quality steels.

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