Let your ideas fly!

Solutions in lightweight design for the automotive and utility vehicle industry are a core competence of voestalpine. Thanks to its steel, technology and process developments, the company is able to produce parts and components with lighter weight, higher strength and improved corrosion resistance. In addition to all this, these parts and components can be manufactured more efficiently.

Let your ideas fly. This is the motto under which voestalpine presents concrete solutions in the field of lightweight construction at the SCT 2014. At the same time this statement shows that voestalpine is an experienced partner for product development. If you let your ideas fly, you will end up with the development and technical specialists of voestalpine. The presentations at the SCT 2014 will focus on the following:

ahss high-ductility steels: The "Advanced High Strength Steels high-ductility" are a further development of the so-called "conventional AHSS steels" by voestalpine, and are characterized by an unprecedented balance between strength, formability and weldability. With this combination of properties at the highest level, the specialists of voestalpine have practically managed to square the circle. The excellent crash behavior of high-ductility steels makes them the perfect choice for safety-relevant lightweight components. High-ductility steels are available with minimum tensile strengths of up to 1,200 MPa and in various grades.

corrender: This name stands for the next step in the evolution of hot-dip metal-coated steel strips. A powerful protective layer is created through alloying small amounts of magnesium and aluminum in the zinc bath. Not only the improved corrosion protection, but also the processing properties are convincing. Excellent deep-drawing properties result in an improved process reliability. Abrasion in the course of component manufacturing is reduced, coupled with an improved surface quality and less adhesive tool wear (galling).

alphas® forming: Innovative lightweight technology for high-quality structural members and components utility vehicles. The unique combination of high-strength hot-rolled steel, an innovative forming process and multi-functional special tools results in weight and cost reductions, and allows for complex shapes and new designs (for example in crossmembers, frame parts, brackets and axle components).

phs-ultraform®: This hot-dip galvanized steel strip revolutionized the field of press-hardened components. State-of-the-art zinc coating lines and high-quality heat-treatable steel grades form the basis for the patented technology. In the indirect forming process, blanks made of phs-ultraform® (also laser-welded blanks) are formed and cut to their final geometry using conventional cold forming; the component is only hardened and finalized while in hot condition. The direct process for galvanized material (forming and hardening in a single step) is in the stage of market introduction. The many advantages of the phs-ultraform® product and process include highest strength, best corrosion protection with minimized weight, freedom of design in the development of components, dimensional accuracy and process reliability during manufacturing.

voestalpine—a long tradition of innovative strength. Years ago, the LD process, which was developed by our company, revolutionized steelmaking. Even today, two thirds of all steel worldwide is produced using this method. Ever since then, our globally active company has been characterized by its innovative force. As a modern technology specialist, our core competence besides steelmaking is the development of new steel solutions, processing technologies and manufacturing technologies. Special emphasis is placed on lightweight solutions for the automotive industry, which makes voestalpine the partner of choice for the leading automobile manufacturers in Europe.