Improvisation leads to learning

The final performance of the first-time project called The Big Map took place on 14 June 2013.

Six artists worked together with 244 pupils from 12 school classes of different types on the topic of improvisation and went far beyond the normal musical boundaries. Music is not the only place for improvisation. The rhythm of numbers in mathematics or the Os and Hs in chemistry are also good candidates for fantasy.

A two-day kickoff of the project took place in Linz and provided the project teams with an opportunity to meet each other and discuss the work already completed in the various schools. The production conditions for the final performance were finalized at a follow-up in March.

voestalpine Stahl GmbH was the host of the final performance, which included twelve stations, and provided the children, teachers and artists a welcome venue in the voestalpine Stahlwelt. All of the children were also invited to participate in a tour of the production facilities.

The twelve projects presented could not have differed more greatly. Twelve exciting and completely different experiences were presented in the form of audios and visuals ranging from the school bell in a primeval forest to water sounds to self-authored short stories.

Project leader and university professor Christoph Cech has been investigating ways to integrate improvisation as a form of super-rapid learning in schools.
The entire idea coincides very well with the philosophy and motto of voestalpine to remain one step ahead.