Highly inspirational meeting

The 2016 colofer® inspiration day had a lot to offer. The charisma demonstrated by Vicente Guallart, former head architect of the city of Barcelona, fascinated the participants with his keynote speech on the self-sufficient city. Customers Domoferm and Trimo gave presentations about their colofer® projects, which were very interesting for the other participants. The visible features were also emphasized in a separate area reserved for exhibits that were a perfect representation of the products.

colofer®, the organic-coated steel strip made by voestalpine, has proven every day since 1989 its high performance and quality in facade elements or in rain gutters. The excellent performance and satisfaction of our customers are not a coincidence but the result of consistent alignment of all R&D activities to product quality and performance. These important and systematic developments were not visible until now for many customers.

Research focuses primarily on test methods that truly reflect actual applications. This is why voestalpine has invested so much in a variety of its own test procedures that include bombarding colofer® at high speeds with hail or sharp grains of sand. All of the test results are included in the further development of colofer®, as was shown very vividly at the 2016 colofer® inspiration day.