Heads for buoyancy tanks

For the purpose of extracting oil and gas from ocean deposits, vertical pipelines called risers connect the source in the seabed with the production platform or a seaborne production vessel. Buoyancy tanks provide flotation for these risers. The tanks are filled with gas.

The first order for seventy buoyancy tank heads with a diameter of 6,000 mm was filled in collaboration with Saipem do Brasil for the Sapinhoa project.

Requirements with respect to order processing, documentation, quality and quality assurance measures shattered the limits of any previous orders.

Assembly requirements at the customer far surpassed the tolerance levels prescribed in the pertinent standards. With a diameter of 6,000 mm, the heads were required to have a maximum ovality of 25 mm and a tight circumferential tolerance of 18 mm at a total circumference of 18,800 mm. The fusion face was required to deviate no more than 4 mm from the reference plane.

We stand out from the competition with specialized project execution, technical demands on the heads and our compliance with the delivery schedule. The last heads for this order left our production facility on schedule in February of 2014.

An even more challenging follow-up project in Nigeria with an order volume of 62 heads of the same dimensions has already been received and picks up seamlessly where the previous project left off.