Creating our future together

Innovative products are rarely the work of only one person. Close cooperation between colleagues in a company coupled with the involvement of customers is essential in the development of products and system solutions that precisely meet the customer specifications. 

In our latest development, functional structures printed on steel, we want to keep our ears wide open to the needs of our customers. Using a crowd contest (a competition between end consumers to come up with novel ideas), we have been looking for exciting research and development opportunities.

Vision or reality

Applications made possible by our most recent development—functional structures printed on steel—include roofs that heat up and melt the snow cover or invisible controls in doors. The substrate is coated with a primer. Conductive structures are then applied and covered with a protective top coat. The product can be formed, e.g. bent or edged, and thus further processed.

Unimagined possibilities

The conductive structures feature a variety of functions such as the following: 

  • Heating (indoor heating and condensation minimization systems)
  • Control (lights, shutters, doors)
  • Monitoring (detection of material fatigue or burglar alarm systems)
  • Measurement (detection of leaks, facade temperature measurement)

Creative minds

A wide variety of exciting applications have already been proposed for this highly innovative product. Let your imagination run wild: