Back to work at 90!

Back to work when you are 90 years old? No, this was certainly not a new concept of pension reform, but a special present that Johann Bettstein's family gave to him.

For his 90th birthday, the sprightly pensioner's family gave him a visit to voestalpine Stahlwelt. "This is something that I have been wanting to see now ever since I heard about it," said Mr. Bettstein. After all, Johann Bettstein worked several decades at the Linz site of voestalpine.

After the Second World War, the company was looking for workers to rebuild the works. He came as a bricklayer to Linz from Vienna in 1948 and applied for a job as a first helper in the former VOEST. He never left the area. "We lived in barracks that were located at the site of today's slabbing mill, the foundations of which we laid with machines that came from the Americans.

Mr. Bettstein was also involved in the excavation activities required for construction of the foundations for the LD1 steelmaking plant. In the mid 1980s, Mr. Bettstein had already become a site manager and went into retirement at a ripe age.

A family member who works at voestalpine Krems GmbH made Grandpa Bettstein's dream come true and organized a tour through voestalpine Stahlwelt and the production facilities.