isovac® Generatorenbau, Elektroblech und Elektroband

Generator construction, electrical sheets and electrical steel strip

Innovative solutions for motors, generators and static machines. The electrical industry is one of the most versatile sectors in the world. Whether for electric motors, generators or static machines—the requirements could not be more unique. Companies who don't take the path of continuous innovation risk being passed up in the long run. With our comprehensive material know-how and expertise in the market, we engage in development partnerships with leading companies in the electrical industry worldwide. These partnerships make it possible for our customers to contribute substantially to the green electrification of our future.

Introducing: the green future

voestalpine has always set itself ambitious sustainability goals and Stella Sustainable would like to tell you all about them. Stella reports on activities to protect our climate as well as initiatives for carbon emission reduction, environmental and social measures, the use of future-oriented environmentally compatible technologies, green logistics and circular economies in the steel industry. Stella represents our comprehensive commitment, our unstoppable pioniering spirit and the limitless culture of progress at voestalpine – curious?  


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Tailored solutions for individual demands

Our innovative non-grain-oriented electrical steel and our pole sheets offer customer-specific solutions to a wide range of demands and areas of application: wind power generation plants, hydraulic power plants, thermal power plants, automotive electric motors, household appliances and industrial appliances, welding transformers, ballasts, small transformers, screens used in medical technologies, magnets for particle accelerators (synchrotrons) and much more.