Customized, high-quality isovac ® grades for static machines are used for special areas of application, e.g. reactance coils for power conversion, screens used in medical technologies or highly complex particle accelerators (synchrotrons). We continually develop and optimize isovac® grades in close cooperation with our customers.

Static machinesisovac®Core lossesInsulating varnishes grades
Fully processed 1)Semi-processed LowMediumHighUncoatedC-3C-5C-6BacklackStandardHPHCHFHSHE
Maximum width 2) [mm]1,6001,600
Thickness 2) [mm]0.25-1.00.5-1.5
Cut shapes*C, *S, *T*C, *S, *T
Ballasts and ignition coils

Welding transformers


Magnets and shielding


Amplifiers and reactance coils

Coil = *C Spaltband = *S Tafelblech = *T

1) inkl. NO Güten

2) weitere Dicken und Breiten nach Absprache 

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