The right product for each application. Whether for low torques, frequencies or rotational speeds, our pole sheets are just the right product for a wide variety of different applications. Best electromagnetic and excellent mechanical properties in our pole sheets guarantee the highest level of reliability, even at high rotational speeds.

The size and application determine whether cold-rolled or hot-rolled pole sheets are used.

isovac® Warmgewalzte Polbleche

Hot-rolled pole sheets

Thermomechanically rolled steels with guaranteed magnetic properties

  • Best laser-cutting properties
  • Homogeneous mechanical properties
  • Minimum inherent stress and residual stress
  • Narrowest flatness, shape and dimensional tolerances
  • Minimum deviations in thickness (across cross-section) of cut sheets
  • Our special production route results in a distinct, homogeneous and strongly adhesive oxide layer that guarantees best insulation.
isovac® Kaltgewalzte Polbleche

Cold-rolled pole sheets

Cold-rolled steels with guaranteed magnetic properties

  • Best cutting, punching and laser-cutting properties
  • Low anisotropy
  • Highest strength
  • Narrowest flatness and dimensional tolerances

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