Particularly in the field of renewable energies, high-quality electrical steel and pole sheets contribute substantially to increased efficiency. Our non-grain-oriented isovac® electrical steel and our hot- and cold-rolled pole sheets stand for best electromagnetic properties and highest energy efficiency. That is why so many of our products are found, for example, in generators for wind and hydro power generation.

We set new standards with isovac®, an innovative electrical steel with excellent properties that lead to high performance and unsurpassed sustainability.


Possibilities of combination

Pole sheets and web plates
Insulating varnishes
fully processed
Maximum width1,600 mm1,600 mm1,620 (1,750) mm
Thickness0.3 - 1.0 mm0.7 - 1.5 mm2.0 - 12.0 mm
Cut shapes*

Hydro generators

Wind generators

Turbo generators

Universal generators

* Coil
** Slit strip
*** Cut shapes


Selected grades for generator manufacturing

isovac® electrical steel for the highest energy efficiency and pole sheets isovac® is combined with our unique services and innovative materials to provide you with a comprehensive package of benefits. Because of its excellent property profile, isovac® is a leading product worldwide.

Range of products

As individual as the customer Our isovac® product range includes conventional international standards as well as special grades with special properties.

Insulating varnish systems

In close cooperation with leading European varnish producers, we supply insulating varnishes specially designed for generators to meet specific customer requirements. The varnishes do not contain any toxic, carcinogenic or mutagenic substances.

Tailored solutions for individual demands

 Our innovative electrical steel and pole sheets offer customer-specific solutions to a wide range of demands and areas of application: hydraulic power stations, reflector power stations, coal-fired power plants, tidal-current power plants and wind-power-generation facilities.