isovac® energy-efficient electrical steels, fully processed and semi-processed

isovac®, our non-grain-oriented electrical steels for the highest energy efficiency, provide you with a comprehensive package of services and the best overall package of benefits.

As a result of continuous rolling and annealing processes, all isovac® grades guarantee homogeneousness of the material with respect to its mechanical, geometric and magnetic properties. This leads to stable material processing and guarantees consistent quality in each coil and steel grade.

Fully processed electrical steel strips (EN 10106)

Fully processed electrical steels can be stamped and assembled into stacks without any further treatment because the desired properties are fully developed once the final production steps have been completed in the steel works. However, final annealing is not the same as fully processed. In order to be able to offer you a product tailored exactly to your needs, there are different isovac® variants. Thin electrical steel strips are available as NO grades that are specially designed for use in the e-mobility sector and optimized for operation at high frequencies.

NO grades (EN 10303)

isovac® NO grades are available in sheet thicknesses equal to or less than 0.35 mm and are primarily suitable for use in the high-frequency range and for high-speed motors because of their special magnetic and mechanical properties.

Semi-processed electrical steel strips (EN 10341)

Following annealing, semi-processed electrical steel strips are subjected to an additional rolling step at the steelmaker. After being stamped, the laminations are annealed once again. As a result, any stress introduced by stamping is completely eliminated, and the material now possesses optimized magnetic properties.

We supply a special grade of semi-processed electrical steel called isovac® high efficiency that allows you to significantly reduce the time required for final annealing.

Standard or high-perm?

As a leading manufacturer of electrical steel strips in Europe, we supply a wide range of product groups. Many of our steels are available as standard or high-perm grades.

isovac® HP high perm - the specialist with highest permeability

The optimum adjustment of textures increases magnetizability and reduces core losses. This increase in efficiency makes it possible to maintain the same level of performance while reducing component size and saving material, weight and costs. This means that a higher level of performance can be achieved with the same component size.

  • Increased performance achieved by increasing torque based on higher magnetizability.
  • Cost optimization through less material use, less weight and less space required.

Special grades of fully processed electrical steels

isovac® HS high strength - the specialist for demanding mechanical requirements

Both magnetic and mechanical properties play an important role in many modern high-speed motors or large electrical machinery. The electrical steel used—especially in the rotor—is exposed to high mechanical stress, which is why it is so important to use high-strength material. isovac® HS (high strength) grades combine good magnetic properties with high strength. We can supply the kind of material our customer requires. Our isovac® HS grades can be customized for higher strength, a higher degree of core compactness and highly innovative Backlack.

  • Reduced air gap between rotor and stator as a result of higher strength or reduced rotor ridge widths in permanently excited machinery.
  • Larger freedom of design for electrical machinery.
  • Possibility of partial subsequent annealing treatment at the customer in order to improve magnetic properties, e.g. in the stator.

NO grades

isovac® NO grades - the specialist for e-mobility

The alloy design of isovac® NO grades, its high-precision microstructure and its sheet thickness of ≤ 0.35 mm make it especially suitable for applications in the high-frequency range and for motors with high rotational speed. isovac® NO grades strike an optimized balance between magnetic and mechanical properties, making new structural designs possible in the automotive industry.

  • Reduced energy consumption when used in motors with highest rotational speed.
  • High strengths while maintaining low losses make the material highly suitable for rotors and stators.
  • Coatings with innovative electrical steel insulation systems upon request: predestined for use in combination with Backlack.

Special grade of semi-processed electrical steels

isovac® HE high efficiency - the specialist for shorter final annealing times

isovac® HE (high - efficiency) is highly decarbonized in as-delivered condition, which means that the final annealing time at the customer can be significantly shortened. Subsequent annealing at the customer completely eliminates any mechanical damage introduced to the material during the punching process.

  • Final annealing times significantly shortened by low carbon content.
  • Overall cost reductions based on low energy input, low emissions and higher productivity.

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