isovac® das beste Gesamtpaket

Are you ready for the package deal?

We will never be satisfied with excellent product quality alone. Comprehensive services and unlimited dedication to your challenges are at the core of our philosophy.


Development advantages

Our experience and continued research activities make it possible for us to develop , innovative steel grades that help you more effectively meet your challenges in the future and provide you with a decisive competitive advantage.

Technical consultation and support

Our experts will support you with their excellent knowledge of the industry and materials and will be pleased to answer your questions. They guarantee comprehensive technical consultation pertaining to materials and applications.

Always close to you

Our international sales organization creates a direct connection between the customer and the production companies. Our sales organizations and representatives guarantee worldwide best consultation and expert solutions from a single source.

Precisely tailored to your needs

Each of the plants required for the production of high-quality steel strip is located in our modern steel works next to related facilities and is highly integrated into the production process. This makes it possible for us to react quickly and personally to your specific product requirements and to provide you with customized solutions.

Supply-chain management and logistics

We work together with you to devise the most optimized route, the best means of transport and, where necessary, comprehensive logistics strategies in order to guarantee availability and on-time delivery at the desired destination.

Process support

We support you through out the entire process from placement oft he order to delivery of the material. Whether it be in annealing trials, the adjustment of a stamping tool or assistance in making the transition to a new grade, our highly professional employees offer their expertise to you each step of the way.

More than just customer solutions

We produce our electrical steel based on individual orders placed by the end customer. This makes it possible to implement and monitor customer-specific specifications in the early stages and to guarantee the continuously high quality of our electrical steel.

No trouble thanks to our high quality requirements

Our accredited testing laboratory measures all samples required according to EN 10106 (electrical steel) or EN 10265 (pole sheet).

Automated sampling with initial testing in the integrated CATS measuring system

Our continuous annealing testing station (CATS) is used for the automatic testing of samples directly following production. The coating layer thickness and insulation resistance (Franklin Test ASTM 717) are both measured. Further evaluations of the coating include crosscut testing and coating hardening assessments. Residual curvature is also examined. With more than 100,000 samples tested annually, our CATS measuring system contributes considerably to a high level of product quality.

Partnerships for maximized output

Intense development, research partnerships with university organizations and market-leading car manufacturers and the most modern technologies make us one of the Europe's centers of competence for non-grain-oriented electrical steel. Industry-specific material and processing expertise, specific tests and simulations guarantee our excellent product quality.

Maximized output thanks to steelwork simulations

Customer requests can be processed and individual isovac® grades produced within a short period of time thanks to steelwork simulations. This shortens development times.

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