With respect to compact engine design and high efficiency, we have just the right product for each customer. High individual demands on the efficiency and performance of motor steels are met by high permeability, low core loss and, where required, high strengths. Using the most modern technologies in our integrated steelmaking facilities, we manufacture high-quality electrical steel grades to meet your individual product requirements (from Vibracall to industrial motors).


isovac ®Core losses Insulating varnishesGrades
Fully processed 1)Semi-processedLowMediumHighUncoatedC-3C-5C-6BacklackStandardHPHSHE
Maximum width 2) [mm]1,6001,600
Thickness 2) [mm]0.25-1.00.5-1.5
Cut shapes*C, *S, *T*C, *S, *T
Single-phase standard motor

Standard asynchronous motor

High-end asynchronous motor

Standard synchronous motor

High-end synchronous PM motor

Universal motor

DC motor

Brushless DC motor

AC servo motor

DC servo motor

Coil = *C Spaltband = *S Tafelblech = *T1) inkl. NO Güten 2) weitere Dicken und Breiten nach Absprache 

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