isovac® beste Produkteigenschaften

Best product properties for maximum performance

isovac® electrical steel for highest energy efficiency. We combine isovac® with our unique services, innovative materials, logistics, commercial advise and technical consultation in order to provide you with a comprehensive package of benefits.


Maximum performance

Low eddy-current and hysteresis losses in electrical steel is of decisive importance in order to be able to efficiently utilize the energy used in the operation of electrical machinery. The most modern production facilities guarantee the production of electrical steel for the highest performance of electrical machinery.



Customized product properties

The exclusive manufacturing of prematerial in our integrated metallurgical facilities makes it possible for us to unceasingly monitor and ensure the high quality of all processing parameters. This results in a tailor-made product that meets the highest quality standards.


High magnetic polarization and permeability 

Magnetic polarization and permeability are essential values in the engineering of electrical machinery. Only high induction allows efficient utilization of available energies.


Material homogeneity 

High process reliability and low tolerances through continuous rolling and annealing processes make it possible for us to guarantee homogeneous material for improved mechanical, magnetic and geometric properties. This leads to stable material processing, low tool wear, less scrap, fewer rejects and high dimensional accuracy of the stamped part.


High thermal conductivity

High thermal conductivity permits further optimization of performance. The innovative alloy design and the high chemical degree of purity of isovac® grades significantly increases thermal conductivity.



voestalpine isovac® Kaspar Stefan
We place a great deal of emphasis on supplying perfect products for the stamper as well as the original design manufacturer of electrical motors. Our customers depend on our very high degree of reliability.

Stefan Peter Kaspar, Electrical Industry Sales Manager

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