isovac® Anwendungsbereiche E-Mobilität


Successful drive systems are one idea ahead of the competition, one idea faster, one idea more frugal, one idea more environmentally compatible and one idea more efficient.

Generator manufacturing

Future energies require the highest quality standards. Companies who provide their customers with the highest quality standards must also ensure that their partners achieve their best performance.

isovac® Anwendungsbereiche Generatorenbau
voestalpine isovac® Motoren


With respect to compact engine design and high efficiency, we have just the product for each customer. High individual demands on the efficiency and performance of motor steels are met with high permeability, low core loss and, where required, high strengths. Using the most modern technologies, high-quality electrical steel grades are also produced to meet your individual product requirements (from Vibracall to industrial motors).

Static machines

Customized, high-quality isovac® grades for static machines are used for special areas of application, e.g. reactance coils for power conversion, screens used in medical technologies or highly complex particle accelerators (synchrotrons). We continually develop and optimize isovac® grades in close cooperation with our customers.

voestalpine isovac® Statische Maschinen

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