Additive Manufacturing Center

The ability to create complex structures is just one of many advantages offered by additive manufacturing technologies using metal powder. (c)iStock

The voestalpine Additive Manufacturing Center in Düsseldorf, an additive manufacturing center of excellence, started operations in April 2016. The additive manufacturing process produces parts by adding materials, such as metal powder, layer by layer. This is made possible using digital 3D construction data. During the laser sintering process, a laser heats the metal powder precisely at the prescribed point so that it melts as a wafer-thin layer onto the part.

Research and consulting

Activities at the development and testing center include research into metal powders, as well as learning more about manufacturing parts and their applications. The goal is to provide customers with competent advice on powders and design, as well as to manufacture parts and components on their behalf.

Experience in powder metallurgy

The Special Steel Division subsidiaries Böhler Edelstahl and Uddeholm already have many years of experience in powder metallurgy as a pre-material for highly durable steels. In order to gain further expertise in the manufacture of powders specifically for metal printing, two powder atomization facilities for steel and nickel-based alloys will start operations during the business year 2016/17, one at Uddeholm AB in Hagfors, Sweden, and the second at BÖHLER Edelstahl in Kapfenberg, Austria.


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