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Our decades of experience, combined with our intelligent solutions, products and materials, ensure a long service life even under extreme conditions. We ensure that our customers can rely on our components for gas and steam turbines or the development of oil and gas reserves in every aspect.


high pressure die casting

We make renewable energy possible. We can fulfill big requirements. This is why operators around the world rely on our expertise when it comes to building wind and solar farms. With our generator and gearbox components, sophisticated hybrid mechanisms and a wealth of knowledge, we are the ideal partner for anyone working on the development of renewable energy sources.


high pressure die casting

We safeguard oil and gas production. As a globally active and recognized materials partner, we develop highly corrosion-resistant steels – from super-duplex materials to nickel-based alloys that meet the extreme requirements of oil and gas exploration and processing.

Oil field pipes made of our steel are heavy duty and highly flexible at the same time. They have the ability to withstand harsh underground conditions and to fit exactly together, even over piping up to 7 kilometers (23,000 ft).

Through our global sales network, we provide high availability of our products with short delivery times, as well as local services such as machining, heat treatment and coating to our customers in the oil and gas industry.


high pressure die casting

We are a driving force in energy production. We are a reliable partner worldwide in the energy sector for device manufacturers, power generators and suppliers. These customers rely on our expertise in turbines, power plants and everything needed for power generation.

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