Additive Manufacturing


Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as “3D printing”, is not simply a new way of producing. It’s a new way of thinking. There are no borders when digitally designing and executing a final product – layer by layer.

AM enables production with shorter lead times, at a lower weight, and of shapes that were not previously feasible.
After being digitally designed as a 3D-CAD model, even the most complex of structures can be “printed” with metal powder which has been specifically designed to meet the requirements of your application.


As a global steel and technology leader, we drive innovation and development based on lengthy experience around materials and processing. Starting from the alloy development and metal powder production, to design, manufacturing and post-processing, we offer end-to-end tailormade solutions from concept to component.

Application Areas for Additive Manufacturing

While AM offers a nearly endless range of possibilities, there are certain areas of excellence that voestalpine has a special focus on.

Plastic Injection Molding High Pressure Die Casting Oil & Gas / Marine Automotive & Aerospace


additive manufacturing part for plastic injection moulding

Conformal cooling channels can be designed to accommodate new features in existing tooling hardware, such as ejector pins and hot runner systems, allowing new and existing tooling to be improved with minimum disruption.

Correctly designed and well implemented conformal cooling systems can result in reduced cycle times, lower defect rates, and higher tool productivity.

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additive manufacturing part for high pressure die casting

When we combine the capabilities of Additive Manufacturing with our unique materials and state-of-the-art cooling system designs, our AM high pressure die casting inserts consistently outperform their conventional counterparts.

This results in additional value for our customers through the reduction of cycle times, improved tool life and fewer part defects.

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oil gas marine

We have a long history of producing high performance alloys for the oil & gas industry. Therefore, our additive manufacturing solutions are designed to meet the most stringent industry quality requirements.

We use state-of-the-art technologies in our AM processes from initial concept through to finished functional parts. With our focus on both Laser Powder Bed and Laser Powder Deposition technologies, we can support a wide range of oil & gas applications.

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automotive aerospace

We supply a wide array of high performance materials to the aerospace and automotive industries, these include high quality steels for dies and molds, and special alloys for finished components as well as open and closed die forgings.

We use our many years of expertise in these industries to further develop our additive manufacturing solutions. In this way, we ensure that our AM products precisely meet customer needs and offer future-proof solutions for both industries.

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