Caring for the ones around us

Acting on a global scale in interaction with various stakeholder groups, we feel responsible to contribute to society in a positive way, specifically concerning current and potential employees, communities and other stakeholders along our value chain. In this context, we set ourselve goals to increase social engagement, qualify leaders, foster individual worktime opportunities and strengthen our female workforce. With this in mind, we focus on four specific fields of action to create social impact: flexible working models, community impact, female leaders and personal growth & development.

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our fields of action

We would like to support all employees and provide them with the opportunity to personally and professionally grow with HPM. We offer different formats of mentoring during onboarding, career development and promotion as well as during challenging times. As a result, we support our employees in the areas of social and professional development and growth as well as provide them with tools and know-how on how to best succeed and manage change. To mainstream those initiatives, a concept for mentoring in the division is currently being developed that integrates existing mentoring schemes of our subsidiaries within one global umbrella.

We see diversity within our business not only as an opportunity, but as a crucial basis for increased competence and performance generated by mixed teams. In this regard, as a global corporation in a male-dominated industry, we currently have a strong focus on the promotion of women. To support women towards leadership positions, we have devised a comprehensive program.This female leadership program is currently being rolled-out globally within HPM and integrates various tools, such as internal business platforms, analyses, coaching and courses. To increase other dimensions of diversity and inclusion in the long term, we are planning on developing more programs and initiatives, similar to the female leadership program, for our employees.

To generate and foster positive impact outside HPM, we want to provide support for local communities and entities. Against this background, some of our subsidiaries support long term projects (e.g. developing internal volunteer educators for a qualification program to tackle youth unemployment in Brazil). By the end of this year we will develop and initiate a suitable concept for streamlining and ensuring high impact via global community engagement activities.

Living in times of New Work, we at HPM want to give our employees the opportunity to integrate work and personal life in the best possible way. To enable the achievement of personal goals (e.g. family planning) and professional development simultaneously, we want to offer more flexible conditions and establish flexible working models for our blue and white collar workforce. This will be achieved by an increased global roll-out of flexi-time and different shift schedule models.

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Reinhard Retzl

Lead of Social Impact

T: +43 50304 10 22090

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